Mo's Mexican


All Nacho Chips and Shells are freshly made!

Mo's Barbecue

Ribs - the perfect dry rub for the best taste

Brisket and pulled pork - A blend of spices and a mustard rub along with the perfect injection of juices are added before we cook these low and slow for many hours. 

Your choice - a traditional sandwich or try a soft flour taco with the toppings of your choice.

Nachos -Start with our fresh nacho chips, add either brisket or pulled pork and melted shredded cheese on top, then lettuce and tomato if you choose

Smoked Macaroni and Cheese - Homemade with a blend of two cheese and cream, topped off with pieces of bacon, and smoked for two hours

Cole Slaw - A homemade vinegar-sugar based dressing on top of fresh cabbages and carrots

Soft flour tacos

Hard white corn tacos - shells freshly made

Beef or chicken - Seasoned perfectly for authentic


Tostada - Fresh fried white corn tortilla lathered with fresh refried pinto beans, then topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese

 Nachos - Start with fresh nacho chips, choose your favorite - beef or chicken, melted shredded cheese, then top it off with lettuce and tomato.  Don't forget the homemade salsa!

Rice - made from scratch - delicious!

Refried Beans - Cooked to perfection, then refried

Salsa - All our salsas are made from scratch