WELCOME TO Mo's Food TrucK


Home of the Brisket and Pulled Pork Taco

In the summer of 2015, Mo's Barbecue operated out of tents.  Because of such positive response from our customers, a transport bus was purchased and renovated over the fall and winter.  Mo's Mexican was added in the spring of 2016.

Specializing in Barbecue and Mexican foods.  Two ways to satisfy your appetite!

We can cater your special event, including weddings, graduation parties, and corporate events!

We start our ribs, brisket and pulled pork with special dry rubs that enhance the natural flavor of the meat.  The brisket and pork are then cooked low and slow and allowed to rest to bring out the juicy, succulent flavors.  Apple wood is used for a fragrant smoke on the meat.

An incredible blend of spices are used to season our authentic Mexican dishes.  Combine that with homemade nacho chips and shells, and it's an awesome combination! 

Facebook review:

We had Mo's Barbecue cater our daughter's graduation party. WOW! I can honestly say I have never tasted barbecue this good before. It was incredible!! He and his crew were so nice and helpful throughout the entire process. We had so many compliments from our family and friends who attended the party. Great food makes for a great day! Thank you!!

Facebook review:

Great cooking runs in this family. I've been enjoying their fine food for 30 years. Great food, great family, great friend. EAT AT MO's!

Facebook review:

The best brisket in the state, hands down. Juicy, succulent and perfect blend of spices and meat rub. This meat is not lathered in barbecue sauce and you can taste the pure, wholesome beef as it is intended to taste.

Facebook review:

I hope the pulled pork tacos are not just for festivals because I need them again. I don't usually eat at events that have livestock around so I'm nervous but every thing looked like it was being done hygenically. We also Baught the full rack of ribs. I hope the owner sells the pulled pork tacos with the salsa it was so good.

Facebook review:

I always find MO's when they are in huber! Brisket taco is my favorite!!